This is the P2P release of the Technical Preview for Microsoft’s Office 2010. Im sure most of you would be interested in this thats why I posted it. Remember this isn’t the final product in fact Office isn’t expected to ship until, you’ve guessed it. 2010! Download links below. Microsoft Office 2010 (previously referred to by its codename Office 14) is the next version (as of April 2009[update]) of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. It entered development during 2006 while Microsoft was finishing work on Microsoft Office 12, which was released as the 2007 Microsoft Office System. The major version number 13 has been skipped, presumably due to aversion to the number 13.It was previously thought that Office 2010 (then called Office 14) would ship in the first half of 2009, but Steve Ballmer has officially announced that Office 2010 will ship in 2010. According to an article published in InfoWorld in April 2006, Office 2010 will be more “role-based” than previous versions. The article cites Simon Witts, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Enterprise and Partner Group, as claiming that there would be features tailored to employees in “roles such as research and development professionals, sales persons, and human resources.” Borrowing from ideas termed “Web 2.0″ when implemented on the Internet, it is likely that Microsoft will incorporate features of SharePoint Server in Office 2010.
Release Name: Microsoft.Office.Professional.Plus.2010.Technical. Preview
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