Windows XP SP3 Performance Edition July 2009 | 251 MB

Original Size: 595 mb
New Size: 251 mb (Difference of 344 mb)
(This is the Size of the ISO)
This supports ALL Languages and ALL Keyboard Layouts.
This is a FULL Install. You CANNOT Upgrade from previous versions of Windows.
There is no validation required. This PASSES WGA. This works 100% with Windows Update.
I have included the CD-Key already in the install process. This means at no point will you have to enter it.Some people using Macs or Virtual Machines might need the serial. See Serial.txt if you do need it.This has all windows updates through Luly 2009. This is has been tested numerous times with no errors.This has minimalist Internet Explorer 6.This is the x86 version (32Bit).
Updates currently work fine and this also currently passes WGA. As a preventative measure, I've also included Office and Windows WGA Cracks which are in a folder called "TJ" on the disc. You don't need to use these unless you can't get updates, or this is no longer passing WGA.

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