Windows XP Dreams SP5 2009 Edition

Today I put you between a modified version of windows XP SP3 imaginary specifications for this first version is the way the rate of manual and accept the installation of hard bot is a new way and the rate has not been used by this version, consolidated version, when you get the sense it you will get at least 6 copies of the spot, as it is to copy multi-style, as well as multilingual to the speed in this version varies quite different from any previous version for me and his version does not need to be updated from the Internet to accept all the programs without the update.

Version features:
1st high-speed very much more than xp sp5 multilingual.
2nd contains a very large number of programs that are Albortabl small and numerous great interest, I can not mention all
3. As we have said it is multilingual and multi-style
4th-containing glass features a wonderful and different and new
5th contains regular features on the very good and beauty
6. What distinguishes this version is that the user can reach to the top of the graphics and also to what it was
7. Containing version of the program on behalf of the windows options through which control the full version of each large and small, and I will let Tkchwon yourself.
8th was the opening of new services to the owners of local networks that are closed, like the XP SP2 service net send and winchat and other
9th-free version of the meaning of specialized programs that you install the software on your own favorites
10. Added new games in the first version
11. All that can be done, such as nlite program to increase the number of contacts in the Alturient and other work, but I have a manual
12. Kaino Messenger programs for example, when on his inauguration will find it works automatically Multiforms
13. You'll see in the windows options of the tools integrated with version control tools, and what you should marvel at
14. You can restore the speed of your copy at any time of the restore Windows speed is

This page control Alfoldarat also choose steel as you want and do not forget to press the matter to rebuild icons.
if you have to transfer from the Classic Alvesta way I wanted to return and steel changed as follows:
1. You are puzzled by the steel now and not Alvesta
2nd go to vista to classic and put pressure on this key and wait for a black dos screen will not boycotting, and wait until the end then the choice represents a new Otto Matekeya Click OK
3. Restart the device
4. Open Albornamjeh again and click on it rebuild icons
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