Phoenix MultiBoot 2009.7 Eng/Rus | 3.58 GB

Developer: Microsoft
Year: 2009
File Size: 3.58 Gb
Language: English + Russian
File Format: iso
Platform / OS: x86

About the program: Phoenix MultiBoot 2009 is a multiboot disk for system recovery and to work with the disk.

Phoenix MultiBoot 2009.7 - multiboot disc.
Phoenix MultiBoot 2009 - a new project from LonerD, author of such well-known assemblies as Loner-XP, Paradise-XP, NervOS, TCDL, and many others

Building includes several well-known Live-systems based on Windows and Linux, as well as a number of programs and software for testing, tuning and recovery computer.
All operating systems and programs presented on this disc are not installed on the hard disk.

The composition of the disk:
RusLive RAM 2009.04.14 - Windows LiveCD from NIKZZZZ booting into RAM (for work required at least 256 MB operativki) + my little update
Alkid Live CD 2009.5.15 - assembled on the basis of WindowsXP SP2, provides tools for working with drives, iron, lifting passwords, reviving dead trupika OS
Hiren's BootCD 9.9 by lexapass - drive with a lot of programs for testing and rehabilitation system (Russian version by lexapass)
Super OS 9.04 - OS based on Ubuntu, can work with DVD-ROM and installed on the hard disk
Wolvix 2.0 beta 2 - the operating system, based on Slackware, with registration in the wolf's style
SLAX 6.2.0 - a miniature, self-install distro based on Slackware
Dr.Web LiveCD - drive fast anti-virus support, which allows you to recover the system affected by virus
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2009.05.07 - Startup disk that contains anti-virus scanner, using the disk, you can start your computer and get rid of malicious programs entirely without risk of contamination of other computers on the LAN
GParted 0.4.5-2 - creating, destroying, resizing, moving, checking and copying partitions on the hard disk and file systems available to them
GEEXBOX Open Media Center 1.1 - the operating system based on Linux, designed to ensure the computer as a multimedia center
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0.2169 Rus Full + Safe - sections manager, carrying out any operations with hard disk
Acronis True Image Home 2009 12.9646 Rus Full - creating and restoring a hard drive or partition
Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server 9.7.8206 RU with UR Full + Safe - the creation, recovery and cloning of a disk and partitions, plus a set of drivers for the controller Cloning
Acronis OS Selector from Disk Director Suite 10.2161 Rus - boot manager. SN: HWM3G-QQQQ8-2WGRD-KFV56-R269J
DOS LIVE CD ver 1.4 Revolution - the first Russian boot disk, designed for a comfortable stay in DOS
ASTRA 5.42 - Information about the system and the existing metal
FixNTLDR - the restoration of a damaged NTLDR file on the system drive
Memtest86 + 2.11 - RAM Test
Victoria 3.52 - powerful tool for testing the status of low-level hard disk
S & M 1.90b - program to check the system memory and video cards
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor 2008-08-02 - change the password enter the system under NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Symantec Ghost - to create a disk image and make backup and restore data
Ammo SuperDOS 2.0 - modified and navorochenny DOS
Kolibri OS - the operating system with a graphical interface, written by a group of enthusiasts on the net Assembler

CRC32: 304107C1
MD5: 93229D5FDE24F152D37DCDD88772FD1D
SHA-1: 3312515D4431CD18478CBEC0781A5CA75ECA86C3

System requirements:
• Computer and processor
Requires a PC equipped with a processor with a clock speed of 256 MHz or higher;
recommended a family of 300 MHz Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family or compatible processor with them.
• Memory
The recommended amount of RAM - 512 MB or more (minimum allowable - 256 MB, while productivity may be limited and some features)
• Hard Drive
Requires 10 GB of free disk space (the used space on your hard drive depends on the configuration, for custom installation may require more or less disk space)
• Drive
A DVD-ROM drive
• Other Devices
Keyboard and mouse (Microsoft), or compatible pointing device
• Monitor resolution of 800/600 or higher
• Video Card - 32 MB
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