IPility Training Center is proud to announce this unique training events for the first time in Egypt training IT professional on the latest Microsoft Technologies on Exchange 2010, Get trained on the latest messaging, mailbox and CAS technologies and get introduced to the major changes in HW, ESE database, storage design and HW sizing in Exchange 2010.
Course ID: 10135a: configuring, managing and troubleshooting Microsoft® exchange server 2010 (5 days)
Course Start date: 11/10/2009
Credited Hours: 40
Course Contents:
Module 1: Deploying Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010
Module 2: Configuring Mailbox Servers
Module 3: Managing Recipient Objects
Module 4: Managing Client Access
Module 5: Managing Message Transport
Module 6: Implementing Messaging Security
Module 7: Implementing High Availability
Module 8: Implementing Backup and Recovery
Module 9: Configuring Messaging Policy and Compliance
Module 10: Securing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Module 11: Maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Module 12: Transitioning from Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2010
Module 13: Implementing Unified Messaging
Module 14: Advanced Topics:
Deploying High Availability Solutions for Multiple Sites
Implementing Federated Sharing
Course Fees: 1850 LE.
Get trained by people who implemented Exchange 2010, Get trained by TOP IT professionals is Egypt.
The Center offers free pickup and delivery from Rabaa el adaweya street – Nasr City

Meet our instructors: http://www.ipility.com/theteam.html
To register please send us an email on info @ IPility . com or call 0166615175, also visit www.ipility.com for our complete offering.