these links help people easily find the information they need to gain a better understanding of the material presented on the 70-291 exam. Good luck to everyone planning to take this exam in the future!

DNS (Technical Library) (How DNS Works) (DNS Reference) (Q&A) (Webcast on Conditional Forwarding and Stub Zones) (Configuring Server 2003 DNS) (Conditional Forwarding) (Forwarding) (Stub Zones) (Order of name resolution) (Name Resolution)

IPSEC (Very good detail oriented site regarding IPSEC technologies) (Adding, Removing, Modifying filters) (What's new in Server 2003 IPSEC) (FAQ)

Routing and Remote Access (RRAS Home Page) (Introduction to Remote Access Policies) (DHCP Relay Agent) (Configuring NAT) (Configure RIP) (Configure OSPF) (Configure PPTP) (Configure L2TP)

(W)SUS (Repository of (W)SUS Information) (Official Documentation for WSUS) (WSUS Home Page)

DHCP (Tutorial on Installation) (Superscopes) (Scope Vs Superscope) (Back up database) (DHCP Relay Agent) (Best Practices, How to, Concepts, Troubleshooting, Checklists, Etc.) (Managing DHCP Options)

Subnetting (Understand TCP/IP and Subnetting Basics)

Miscellaneous (Configure Dynamic DNS with or without DHCP) (IAS/Radius)