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i want to intrduce 2 new labs ,,it came to me in the ccnp routing exam:-
1- ospf v3 and ipv6

4 routers connected in series form connected as area 1 then 2 then 0 ,,and the two at the med should be configured as a virtual link between them ,,,we have to do:
ipv6 router ospf 1
area 1virtual-link

and at the router that connected directly with it
ipv6 router ospf 1
area 1virtual-link

and there is wrong configuration exsit at one of them about the virtual link configuration ,,you have to remove it

and noticable :- and is the loop back address of the neighbor
and not the router you do the command on it and the area is the area that between the backbone and the remote area.


the idea comes from :- the command eigrp stub recive anly issued in the router ,,and that cuse no connection ,,so u have to remove this command ,,,,and then do summarization of some routes by this command
ip summary-address eigrp as# address mask

but how this summarization can be done , i dont know exactly,it require that 2 subnets for

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