lost Shareaza download
how to recover it
الملف موجود فى C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Incomplete
لكن اختفى من قائمه التنزيل
حد يعرف طريقه سهله
لم افهم اللى تحت

First, you will need to get the file you want to recover. If it's a lost Shareaza download,
it will be in
C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Incomplete\
Find the file you want to recover or repair, move it to another folder, such as the desktop.
You may see a small file with the same name as the file you wish to recover, except with an SD file extension. You can delete this file.
Start up Shareaza, and start a download of the same exact file.
It must be exactly the same file, because any non-matching bits will be thrown away.
Raza downloads have the SHA1 hash in the name, so it's easy to check the files match. With other downloads, you will have to be a little more careful to make sure you get the same file.
Allow the download to start and let it download a little bit.
Then, pause the download.
Go to
C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Incomplete\
Copy the file name of the new download.
Delete the new download. Do not delete the new SD file!
Rename the download you want to recover to the name you copied, and move it into the
C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Incomplete\
Go back to Shareaza and unpause the download.
Right click on the download, Goto Advanced, Then Advanced Edit.
You must be in Power Mode (View > Power Mode) to access these features!
Click the Assume the file 100% Complete and Reverify.
Assuming everything is okay, A small green TTH bar should move across the download. The parts that are missing (or corrupt) will be in red, and will be re-downloaded
That's all there is to it! Shareaza will now recover any file, making 100% sure it's valid and in perfect condition. Any bad sections will be re-downloaded, so you are certain the file is good.
Common Problems
If an box pops up saying you do not have any hash information when you click 'assume complete and reverify', then you need to let the download run a little longer while Shareaza gets the TTH or ed2k hash information. It should only take a few seconds in most cases. Just make sure the download has started, and it should work.
If the entire verify bar fills in in red, you probably selected the wrong file to download in step 2. The files can't just be about the same thing, or similar. It has to be exactly the same file. There may be several versions of one file out there - make sure you select the correct one.
طريقه اخرى
Instructions on how to recover lost downloads:

1) You must still have the incomplete file for this to work (obviously)
2) Rename the old file to whatever pleases you ( only temp )
3) Start a new download of the SAME file (must have the same hash)
4) Once the new download has started, pause it
5) Goto c:\program files\shareaza\ incomplete
( or your equivalent download folder )
6) Copy the file name of the NEW download
7) Delete the NEW download
Rename the OLD download to the name you copied
9) Go back to Shareaza and unpause the download
10) Right click on the download, Goto Advanced, Then Advanced Edit
11) Click the Assume 100% Complete and Reverify
( if an error comes saying you do not have any hash,
wait for a while let the download run on the file Shareaza
has to get the tth or ed2k hash, try again in a little while)
12) That should start the tth bar to run accross the download
the parts missing will be filled in red