You are working as a IT consultant. FIIT unise3l proposed to build new sever farm in FII. This type of sever room would typically provide several severs which are totally isolated with UNISEL's network. Initially, for the first phase of providing sever room , FIIT start with nine(9) severs when acts as web server application, database server, RADIUS & AAA server, DNS and DHCP server, Active Directory and LDAD server, SMS server, streaming server, SMS server exchange server. This server room also used access point (AP) as a backup network for current network setting. Both network using different ISP to connect to the internet.
You are required to propose and compare the cost for all networking infrastructure and use a packet tracer and networking diagram which are requires including the following items:
(a) Server
(b) Switches
(c) Access point
(d) Routers
(e) Firewall/ hardware
(f) Backbone network(wired & wireless)
(g) Bless

note that
(unisel ) the university's name , and FIIT is short cut for I.T Faculty