Hi guys, I bought this package for $29.95 from ebay and I am putting them for you for free

it includes over 8,500 practice questions. All questions are either in PDF or Microsoft Word format. They are fully printable for your CFA study!

This exciting premium study package includes:

* 16 mock exams with 120 tough questions each. That's 1,920 mock questions! Each question comes with answer and detailed explanation.
* Topic-based questions for each individual study session (word format): total 1494 pages and 2887 questions.
* 1201 practice questions (626 pages in word format) that cover most subjects of your level 1 exam.
* Sample mock questions from CFA Institute (formerly AIMR) from 1998 to 2003. 120 questions each with detailed answers. Total mock exam questions: 720. Total PDF pages: 404.

And plus these Bonus Materials:

* The 100 most commonly repeated CFA level 1 exam questions.
* Understanding Your Financial Calculator BAII Plus: 31 pdf pages.
* Detailed study notes in Power Point format.
* Level 1 Formula Sheet (21 pdf pages). Many candidates just love it!
* A dictionary of financial and business Terms.

Yes! All of them for Free !

Topics covered included:

* Ethics and Professional Standards
* Quantitative Methods (such as the time value of money, and statistical inference)
* Economics
* Financial Statement Analysis
* Corporate Finance
* Analysis of Investments (stocks, bonds, derivatives, venture capital, real estate, etc.)
* Portfolio Management and Analysis (asset allocation, portfolio risk, performance measurement, etc.)