TrainSignal Lab1 (Active Directory), 2CD (for Windows 2000 & Server 2003!) 4 shared

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Fun, Interactive Scenarios make our lessons easy to retain! You will act as an outside consultant to a fictitious client, building their Active Directory infrastructure from the ground up!Install and Configure Active Directory (the Right Way!)

- Setup Active Directory Replication Between multiple Domain Controllers
- Learn how to Create a ”top-notch” Organizational Unit (OU) Structure!
- Delegate Administrative Tasks (password resets, etc.) to Normal Users
- Create Group Policy Objects (GPO’s) to Control Your Users!
- Test & Troubleshoot Group Policy Inheritance
- Understand How Domain Controllers Function in Windows 2000 & 2003
- Publish and Find Resources within Active Directory
- Troubleshoot Active Directory When Things Go Wrong
- Learn about and Manage the Schema
- Learn how to Use the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
- Configure Operations Master Roles (FSMO)
- Create Universal Principal Names (UPNs) for User Logins
- Learn How & Why to Change Domain & Forest Functional Levels
- Enable Universal Group Membership Caching
- Set up a Global Catalog Server
- All of this and more taught in Windows 2000 & Server 2003!
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