Virtualization technology is constantly improving and changing the way we think and do business. Consolidating servers with VMware ESX Server will not only save your company money and time, but virtualizing your servers can actually be more secure, more convenient, and easier to maintain in real time than using many physical servers.
With VMware ESX, customers will be able to create dynamic and automated enterprise data centers with highest levels of performance, scalability and reliability.

VMware professionals are in great demand! No course can claim to be the “official” exam prep for VMware except VMware themselves. However, this course has helped hundreds of students worldwide become proficient in VMware ESX for the real world and in turn, pass the VCP certification exam!
Introduction to Virtualization & ESX Server 3.0
Installing & Configuring ESX Server 3.0
Virtual Networking Concepts
Storage Concepts
Installation & Administration with Virtual Center
VM Creation, Gold Builds and Clones
Resource Management
VM Access Control
Disaster Recovery & Backup