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Our Mission Statement
It’s all about results
To ensure that all training and developmental activity we undertake will have a positive impact on the future performance of our Client's businesses. We will provide inspiring training that motivates candidates to achieve their full potential thereby helping our Client’s to achieve their corporate goals.
We will work in partnership with our Clients ensuring that courses we offer are specifically designed and thoughtfully adapted to suit their learning and workplace outcomes, taking care to understand the most appropriate methods to deliver the course.
Referral business is the best type of business to have - therefore we will treat our Client’s with the highest levels of care and respect at all times.
We don’t expect our Clients to demand anything less.

WHY Talent Development?
1-How many numbers of times you did you enroll to a course and found the instructor not well trained, not able to link what he is saying to the practical life, not capable to handle the subjects he is talking about?
2-How many numbers of times you did you enroll to a course and found the center assign not qualified instructors? Did you ask about the instructor qualifications before? Did you check it?
3-How many numbers of times you did finish a course and decided to register in another training company for the same course?
4-How many numbers of times you did find the materials provided was not well prepared?
5-How many numbers of times you did you find the training company is not well equipped for providing such services?
6-How many number of times you did you find academic trainers teaching CMA or any other professional certificates? Instructors for professional certificates need to have, in addition to the knowledge, a relevant professional experience. That is why we don’t have one instructor teaching the whole certificate.
All of these weaknesses we have noticed during our career in teaching CMA, CPA, CIA, IFRS and workshops, and WE decided to OVERCOME all of these problems.
Talent Development is insisting on a very selective process for its trainers and instructors’ staff. Because our clients deserve the best, we have the best CMA / CPA / CIA trainers in Egypt. It will continue in this mission with affordable course prices.
Talent Developmenthas a staff of trainers who are qualified, have a relative professional career experience and long teaching experience.
Our success is proved by the number of candidates who passed the exam over all our teaching experience.

Our trainers’ staff is one of our success partners.

…We are providing CMA &CIA courses for more information please call us.
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