The IOS reload command is not suppored by dynamips in virtual routers
Dynagen reload command. It performs a stop, followed by a start
:To reload all routers in the entire lab, issue a
reload /all
or specific router
reload R1

To let the router to start with the save config
you need to remove the initial config in your Net file. For instance

cnfg = C:\Program Files\Dynamips\sample_labs\internetworkexpert \initial.configs\R1.initial.config.txt#

Alternatively, before you reload your router

wr mem your config to nvram (using IOS CLI) and -

export it to a directory (using Dynagen CLI) then -

reload with normal initial config (using Dynagen CLI) and -

import the “saved config” from the save directory to your start-up config using Dynagen CLI -

configure replace to override the running config with the startup config using IOS CLI -

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