Red Hat® Certified Technician & Engineer (RHCT and RHCE)
Training Guide and Administrator's Reference

(RHCT & RHCE) Training Guide and Administrator's Pages: 1323 | 220.92 MB

Author: Asghar Ghori

This book is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) and is intended for individuals who plan to take the new Red Hat® Certified Technician (RH202) and/or Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RH302) exams and pass them, want to use it as a quick on-the-job resource or like to learn RHEL from the beginning in an easy-to-understand way. The book has 31 chapters and facilitates readers to grasp concepts, understand implementation procedures, learn command syntax, configuration files and daemons involved, and comprehend troubleshooting. The chapters are divided into four areas: Linux Essentials, RHEL System Administration, RHEL Network and Security Administration, and RHEL Troubleshooting.

Table of Contents:

01-Overview of linux
02-Files and Directories
03-Files and Directory Permissions
04-Text Editors and Processors
05-The shells
06-Basic Shell Scripting
07-System Processes
08-System Admin and Hardware
10-X Windows System and Desktop Managers
11-Software Package Management
12-Users and Grops
13-Disk Partitioning
14-File system and Swap
15-Shutdown and Boot
16-Linux Kernel
17-Backup, Restore and Compression
18-Print Services
19-Job Scheduling and System Logging
20-Basic Networking
21-Network Interface Admin and Routing
22-DNS and DHCP
23-NIS and LDAP
24-Internet Services and Electronic Mail
26-NFS and AutoFS
28-Network Installation
29-Web and Caching Proxy Server
30-System and Network Security
31-System, Network and Security Troubleshooting