Important information about your Microsoft Certification exam
Microsoft Certification is in your reach!
Thank you for taking a Microsoft Certification exam. We are confident that success is well within your reach. Microsoft Certification exams are more rigorous than ever before, and passing them will assist in demonstrating your skills and knowledge to your peers and employers.

We have gathered a wealth of information at to give you a head start toward re-taking the exam. We have also created a Microsoft Certification ID (MC ID) for you to use when you register for future exams; it will ensure access to your exam records and proper credit for the exams you take. Once you pass your exam, your MC ID will also give you access to the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) member site and the benefits of the Microsoft Certification Program. Your MC ID number is: . There is no time like the present.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. We are eager to help you achieve your Microsoft Certification. Start at with the selected resources we have identified, and we will work together to help make it happen!

Thank you,

The Microsoft Certification Program Team

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