Book: English Phonetics and Phonology
Author: Peter Roach
Title: Professor of Phonetics, University of Reading
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1998
Type: Practical Course - Book & 2 Cassettes
Edition: 2nd Edition
Pages: 269 Pages

Book Description
Recognised as the most practical and comprehensive text in the field of phonetics, this second edition of English Phonetics and Phonology includes revised transcriptions, a wider discussion of different varieties of English and an updated treatment of intonation

01. Introduction
02. The production of speech sounds
03. Long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs
04. Voicing and consonants
05. The phoneme
06. Fricatives and affricates
07. Nasals and other consonants
08. The syllable
09. Strong and weak syllables
10. Stress in simple words
11. Complex word stress
12. Weak forms
13. Problems in phonemic analysis
14. Aspects of connected speech
15. Intonation 1
16. Intonation 2
17. Intonation 3
18. Functions of intonation 1
19. Functions of intonation 2
20. Further areas of study in phonetics and phonology