Accessibility Options and Features
· Accessibility Options: You can select and apply these options by opening the Control Panel and then clicking Accessibility Options The following is a list of tools and the options that you can apply to each tool:
1. Keyboard
§ StickyKeys: Automatically locks keys to allow users to press single keystrokes to accomplish multiple-keystroke combinations, e.g., Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
يعلق المفاتيح ليسمح بالضغط على عدة مفاتيح ثم تنفيذ الضغطات دفعة واحدة
§ FilterKeys: Ignores brief or repeated keystrokes or slow repeat rate
يتجاهل ضغطات المفاتيح السريعة أو المتكررة
§ ToggleKeys: Plays tones when the Caps Lock, Num Lock and ScrLk keys are pressed.

Caps Lock, Num Lock and ScrLk keys
لسماع صوت عند الضغط على المفاتيح

2. Sound
§ SoundSentry: Gives a visual warning to indicate that Windows is playing a sound, e.g., flashes the window.إصدار ومضة فلاشية عند إصدار الويندوز لصوت تنبيه
§ ShowSounds: Works with programs to display captions of sounds that are being played.العمل مع البرامج لإظهار تعليق عند إصدار البرنامج لصوت
3. Display
§ High Contrast: Enables very high-contrast colors for individuals with a visual impairment.التحكم فى الألوان و الخطوط للنوافذ مثل عمل الثيمز
§ Cursor Options: Alters the width and blink rate of a cursorتحديد حجم و سرعة مؤشر الكتابة
4. Mouse
§ MouseKeys: Enables the control of the mouse pointer from the arrow keys on the numeric keypad of the keyboard.تحويل لوحة الأرقام إلى العمل مثل الماوس
5. General Settings
§ Automatic Reset: Shuts off the accessibility options after a set idle time.
إغلاق تلقائى للأكسيسبيليتى أوبشن بعد فترة زمنية
§ Notification: Alerts the user that the options are being turned on or off.
إعلام المستخدم بفتح أو إغلاق التلقائى للأكسيسبيليتى أوبشن
§ SerialKey Devices: Allows the connection and configuration of special input devices.
وحدات تسمح بتشغيل بدائل المميزات بلوحة المفاتيح و الفأرة
§ Administrative Options: Determines whether settings apply to just the current user or to all users who log on to the computer.
تحديد الأدمن بتطبيق كل الخصائص السابقة على المستخدم الحالى أو كل مستخدمين الجهاز
· Accessibility Features: Accessibility features are additional tools or programs that enhance the usability of a computer for a person who is physically disabled. These features can be started and controlled from theAll ProgramsàAccessoriesàAccessibility menu.
The following list shows the accessibility features included in Windows XP and the function of each:
1. Accessibility Wizard: Adjusts Windows display settings and configures accessibility options.
2. Magnifier: Enlarges part of the screen, as configured by the user, to make it much easier to see and read.
3. Narrator: Converts on-screen elements to speech and reads the content and text on the screen for a person who is blind or has a severe vision impairment.
4. On-Screen Keyboard: Creates a virtual keyboard on the computer screen on which users can point and click with the mouse to enter text and commands into the computer.

Utility Manager: Indicates which of the Accessibility programs are currently running and allows configuration for automatic startup of Accessibility programs when a user logs or locks his desktop.