kindly i have stuck in IDSM2 module configuration hoping that someone share this knowledge to me

the case study:

i have Core switch 6500 and IDSM2 module plus Firewall module and i want to configure the IDSM2 as bride device inline pair vlan mode between firewaill module and DMZs server zone

- i have two vlans (vlan ID 910 between firewall and IDS and vlan ID 911 of server farm)together

- i created interface vlan 910 in friewall with ip address
- i created allow policy for this interface in firewall
- the server farm also in same subnet but in vlan 911 their gateway to firewall module 2.1
i configured inline pair vlan in IDSM between vlan 910 and 911-

eventhough i can't ping from server to their gateway and i cant see logs in IDSM2, anyone has any idea?plz