CCDE™ Written Exam 352-001 CCDE Exam Book List for CCDE™ Written Exam 352-001 CCDE Exam

Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1, 2nd Edition
Routing TCP/IP, Volume II
MPLS and VPN Architectures, CCIP Edition
MPLS Fundamentals
Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation
Definitive MPLS Network Designs
Fault-Tolerant IP and MPLS Networks
Traffic Engineering with MPLS
QoS for IP/MPLS Networks
Layer 2 VPN Architectures
OSPF Network Design Solutions, 2nd Edition
Optimal Routing Design
BGP Design and Implementation
Top-Down Network Design, 2nd Edition
Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols
End-to-End QoS Network Design
IP Quality of Service
Voice-Enabling the Data Network: H.323, MGCP, SIP, QoS, SLAs, and Security

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