Football fans around the globe will be treated to four instalments of 'El Clasico', arguably the biggest game in football, with the two wealthiest and most successful clubs in Spain doing battle for the league, Kings Cup and Champions League crowns.
Each club and city stands for something different, with Madrid keen to represent the heart of Spain and its values, while Barcelona wants to have its own identity and sees itself as a separate country with Catalan, rather than Spanish, its ********.
Historically, Real have been the more successful of the two, boasting nine European Cups to Barcelona's three and 31 league titles to Barcelona's 20.
The Catalans have dominated in recent seasons, however, with a brand of eye-catching football that has secured them two consecutive league titles and the 2009 Champions League crown.
The eagerly-anticipated first Clasico will be held Saturday as they do battle in the league match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Barcelona are already eight points clear of second-placed Real, and favourites to win a third successive title.
A 5-0 mauling from Barcelona in the first league Clasico at Camp Nou back in November means Real are likely to be more pumped than usual for the return game.
It was Jose Mourinho's heaviest defeat in his managerial career and anything less than a first ever Clasico win at the helm of the club on Saturday is likely to spell the end of his side's title hopes with just seven games left to play.
Mourinho, who used to work as a translator at Barcelona, doesn't believe the result of the first match will have a bearing on the subsequent three fixtures. "We have to take each game as a separate entity," said Mourinho.
"I'm not of the opinion that what happens in the first game can influence the second, third or fourth."
In 1907, Recreativo de Huelva, Club Bizcaya, Hamilton FC and Vigo joined Madrid in the Copa del Rey whilst FC Barcelona and San Sebastian RC refused to attend the event. The increase in the number of clubs proved to toughen the Castellans’ challenge, as they barely survived in the group stage. They finished on Real Madrid vs Barcelonathe same note as Club Bizcaya de Bilbao with 6 points, and hence entered the final where they triumphed through a loan goal from Prast.

Madrid clinched their 4th Copa del Rey title on the trot in 1908, when Athletic Bilbao Real Madrid vs Barcelona en directand other guest teams declined their invitations for various reasons. In the end, onBarcelona vs Real Madridly the Galacticos and Vigo Sporting were left to compete for the ultimate reward, and in front of 4,000 spectators, automatic finalistsBarcelona vs Real Madrid en direct Madrid FC beat their opponents 2-1 to keep making history in the Copa del Rey.

After 4 perfect runs, it took the club 9 years to dominate again, and it was in 1917 th Real Madrid vs Barcelonaat they edged Real Madrid vs Barcelona livepast Sevilla FC, España FC, and Arenas de Guecho to clinch their 5th cup. The yReal Madrid vs Barcelona live streamears 1934 and 1936 also appeared to be benefiting from the Madridistas’ prospect, although they were followed by Barcelona vs Real Madrid live streamnearly a decade of failure.

After the World War II in 1946, their temporary curse was broken, but they were merely goo Barcelona vs Real Madridd enough to clBarcelona vs Real Madrid liveaim 9 titles in the ensuing 43 years. In 1993, RealRegarder Barcelona vs Real Madrid Madrid grabbed their last Copa del Rey title in history, defeating Real ZaragBarcelona vs Real Madrid en directoza 2-0 in the final at the Estadio Luis Casanova in Valencia.

To finish this article, Live Soccer TV fetches you historical details from both Barcelona Real Madrid vs Barcelonaand Real Madrid. Having already explored the years in which both clubs were Barcelona vs Real Madridsuccessful in the Copa del Rey, we present to you below the times in whichBarcelona vs Real Madrid live stream both clubMATCHES ONLINEs finished as runners-up:

The Spanish Cup’s current title holders are Se Barcelona vs Real Madrid livevilla FC, who elimForum Français inated English Forumthe 2009 champiBarcelona vs Real Madridons on their way to the peak. On April 20, Barca and Real will be coming up against eaReal Madrid vs Barcelonach other in the final’s Clasico to decide who will take home the 2011 Copa del Rey trophy