Motorola Xoom, which is launched on January 5, 2011, is the first tablet computer of Motorola. This device has used the Google android 3. 0 which is specialised for tablet computers. Besides from the dual-core processor chip as well as new operating-system, Motorola Xoom additionally consists of 3. 5mm earphone interface as well as Mini HDMI. What’s more, it offers us powerful wireless connection because customers might select from several networks including UMTS, CDMA, 802. 11b/g/n WiFi as well as LTE. Therefore, it's very practical. Xoom has used a 10. 1 inches high-resolution touchscreen as well as dual-core processor. Additionally, it's built with 2 digital cameras, one of which is utilized to video calls and also the other 5MP digital camera might take hd videos. It might support flash playing. But, it can't directly support PowerPoint. Therefore we must make use of third-party software or even transform PPT to MP4
Step 1: down load as well as install a PPT to video converter.
Step 2: start this program as well as input PPT documents to it. Click on the control keys underneath the view screen to preview the initial PPT documents. And then, select the “style” as MP4 as well as specify a folder for the produced MP4 video.

Step 3: click on “Settings” to accomplish audio as well as video settings for the output MP4 video.

Step 4: click on “Customize” to personalize the timing, music, audio, slide as well as transformation. You can add music to the output MP4 video as well as designate the transition time between each slide here.

Step 5: click on “Start” to start the PPT to MP4 transformation. This program will show you the procedure of the transformation as well as open the folder that you specified before for you after conversion.