According to a few news from the internal, Google will launch a few social games as well as plans to draw in game designers through all sorts of preferential methods to create social games based on Google’s platform. If the news is true, then Google will threat Facebook’s business once more.
Social game is definitely an important way of numerous social networks to draw in customers. There are lots of superb games in Facebook including Texas Hold’em poker and also the Country Town. These games attract a large number of people as well as play an important role to consolidate the loyalty of customers to this web site. Therefore, Google definitely understands it. So as to have more benefits than Facebook, Google will only take lower than 30% of the earnings from social games. Apparently, it's less than Facebook, Apple as well as Microsoft. So the game designers will actively create social games for Google+ in consideration of earnings.
Another reason that Google+ draws in game designers should be Google can run the games on its own server while Facebook runs the games on the game developers’ servers. On one hand, it might high light the technology advantages of Google as well as make the game loading faster. On the other hand, it might let the game designers totally engage in game building while not need to consider the running.
The purpose of investing games of Google has been revealed as early as one year ago. At that time, it's invested 10 million USD to Zynga. Some other corporations that Google has invested are generally ngmoco, Kabam as well as Scvngr etc ..
Therefore, we have reasons to trust that Google will certainly launch social games on Google+. At that time, we're able to freely perform flash games on Google+. And we're able to also down load flash SWF games from Google+.