Cafe Manager Pro 3.8.6 برنامج قوي وسهل الاستخدام لإدارة مقاهي الانترنت أو أي شبكة أجهزة متصلة مع بعض

.. فهو يعطيك سيطرة كاملة على كل الاجهزة المرتبطة معك في الشبكة

Program is strong and easy to use to manage Internet cafes or any network connected devices with some .. It gives you complete control over all of its agencies associated with you in the networkCafe Manager Pro © and remote security agent Screen Shield © will help you to make your business even more efficient. Timing and billing are made easy. Software can be customized for business environment in your Cyber shop.
Create different billing rates for different categories of customers, keep track on how much money and time members spent at your shop, view reports and
Cafe Manager Pro is Internet cafe software for cyber cafe management. Designed to assist in day to day of Internet cafe administration. Produce charges using unlimited, completely configurable billing schemes

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