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الموضوع: من أقوى وأجمل كورسات الفيديو فى مجال السكيوريتى Professor Messer’s Nmap Secrets

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    Nov 2010
    معدل تقييم المستوى

    Thumbs up من أقوى وأجمل كورسات الفيديو فى مجال السكيوريتى Professor Messer’s Nmap Secrets

    الموضوع دا اعادة رفع للموضوع التالى

    فقط تم اعادة التقسيم والرفع على سيرفرات مباشرة


    موضوع اليوم هو عن شرح كورس للأداه الشهيره Nmap

    * ولكن أولاً لنعرف ماهو Nmap
    الـ Nmap هو عباره عن برنامج أو أداه لفحص الاجهزه او المواقع او باختصار.. لفحص اي بي جهاز او موقع ... يكشف لك برنامج الـ nmap البرامج و الثغرات المركبه على الجهاز او الموقع .. كما يكشف لك النظام المستخدم للضحيه .. ليسهل عليك بعدها اختيار الثغره المناسبه وفى المعظم يتم إستخدام Nmap مع مشروع الـ Metasploit
    وهو مشروع يحتوي على عدد كبير من ثغرات الأنظمة و البرامج الجاهزة للاستغلال بالاضافة للعديد من الأدوات التي تساعدنا على اكتشاف ثغرات Buffer overflow و فحص الأنظمة و الشبكات أضف الى ذلك احتوائه على قاعدة بيانات Shellcode و Opcode تساعد مكتشفي الثغرات على برمجة و كتابة استغلالاتهم بكل سهولة. و في كل اصدار جديد يضاف الى المشروع ثغرات و أدوات جديدة تجعل من ميتاسبلويت واحدا من أقوى و أسهل مشاريع الثغرات الموجودة في وقتنا هذا

    * ثانياً كورس اليوم مقدم من Professor Messer
    وهى شركة تدريب كـ Trainsignal و CBT-Nuggets
    ولها عدة شروحات خاصه بشركة ميكروسوفت وكومبتيا
    * مايميز Professor Messer عن الشركات الأخرى
    1.تتميز الفيديوهات بالسهوله فى توصيل المعلومه
    2.التطبيق الجيد جداً
    3.الشرح الممتاز لكل كبيره وصغيره
    4.اللغه الأنجليزيه مفهومه وسهله
    5.تهدف لنشر العلم أكثر من الربح ..
    حيث يوجد شرح لشهادات 680-70 windows 7 و + A و + N ... شرح كامل ومجانى يمكنك تحميله بدون أى مقابل
    وإن أحببت أن تشترى أى كورس ستحصل على فيديوهات ذات دقة عاليه ومعها كتاب فقط لا أكثر ولا أقل
    وأيضاً يوجد دورات Live مجانىه لدورات + A + N .. ويمكنك حضورها مجاناً بدون أى مقابل وما عليك إلا أن تسجل فيها فقط

    Unfortunately, most of Nmap’s usefulness is never realized by the majority of security professionals. Many Nmap users run the default scan with the default options, never realizing the potential that exists just underneath the surface. It’s like owning a high-performance racecar and never leaving your driveway!

    It’s time to change all of that. We’ve created “Nmap Secrets,” a video-based training course designed to fit the needs of the beginning security manager as well as the seasoned professional. If you want to learn about the most popular Nmap features (and a few you might have never have heard of), then our “Nmap Secrets” training course is a perfect fit

    Module 1 – Getting Started with Nmap

    Module One will provide you with an overview of the entire course, along with a sneak peek of the secrets that we’ll uncover along the way

    Module 2 – Nmap Basics

    Module Two provides an overview of network protocols, the Nmap scan process, and we’ll learn the secrets for increasing the speed of this process. We’ll also run our first Nmap scan and analyze the results

    Module 3 – Scans for Every Occasion

    Module Three introduces four of the most popular, most useful, and most versatile Nmap scanning methods. Even if you learn of no other scanning methods, these four scan types will get your through the vast majority of Nmap scanning situations. The TCP SYN scan, TCP connect() scan, Ping scan, and UDP scan provide different information for use in different situations. By the end of this module, you’ll be very familiar with these scans, and you’ll have a perfect understanding of when to use each scan. You may never run Nmap with just the default options ever again

    Module 4 – “Back Pocket” Scans

    Sometimes, you’ll run into a situation where a normal Nmap scan isn’t providing you with all of the information you need. This may be a situation where remote devices aren’t responding, or perhaps you aren’t able to identify any available ports on a remote device – even though you can easily connect to its web server! In these situations, it’s useful to have a few tricks in your back pocket.

    Module 5 – Useful Scanning Options
    In module five, we’ll concentrate on some useful scanning options that will assist you with building Nmap scan sessions that are effective and efficient. First, we’ll show you the secrets to easily excluding or including target addresses for your Nmap scans. We’ll discover how to exclude from the command line, and we’ll also show you how building a file of IP addresses or names can integrate the Nmap scan process with other network utilities. During a scan, we’ll often want to know the status of a particular port. With Nmap’s port number options, we can limit our scans to specific applications and focus our efforts on identifying the systems that interest us the most

    Module 6 – Nmap “Pings” – The Search for Hosts

    There’s a lot to Nmap’s ping process, and we’ll start with defining a ping. From there, we’ll move to Nmap’s default pings – the ARP ping and the ICMP and TCP ACK ping combo. To really make the most of Nmap’s pings, we’ll also investigate the details of the TCP SYN ping and the UDP ping. And then, after spending all of that time and effort learning about Nmap’s ping process, we’ll show you how to turn it off. Why would you want to do that? Don’t worry, we’ll show you all of the secrets!
    Module Six

    Module 7 – Recon Scanning

    In this module, we’ll investigate the secrets of network reconnaissance, and we’ll take you through the details of two major Nmap features – operating system fingerprinting and version detection. After this module is complete, you’ll understand the power behind the recon scans and know exactly why Nmap is one of the most impressive security tools available

    Module 8 – Ninja Scanning

    In this module we’ll introduce you to Nmap’s art of invisibility. You’ll learn all of the secrets of using Nmap on a network in stealth mode, where you can come and go like the wind.

    Module 9 – Output Options

    Nmap includes a number of output options, and this module takes us through them all. We’ll show you the differences in the output options, including how to convert Nmap’s XML output into some great HTML-based reports. You won’t want to miss this

    Module 10 – Windows and Nmap

    In this module, we’ll learn about the history of Nmap and Windows – both the good, and the bad. Although there have been some significant operational issues with Windows, the few Windows-related issues that exist today are easy to work around, and we’ll show you how. Although Windows handles Nmap well, it’s still not perfect. There are a few downsides to using Nmap in Windows, so we’ll walk you through the good with the bad
    Module 11 – Real-World Nmap Scanning

    In this module we’ll discuss six Nmap scanning techniques that can get you through some pretty nasty security problems. First, we’ll look at identifying the remnants of a virus outbreak or spyware infestation. These situations often leave some residuals traces, and we’ll show you the secrets to finding all of the shrapnel. Then, we’ll move to a more traditional use of Nmap – vulnerability assessments. Once we’re sure our systems are secure, we’ll have a look at ongoing testing with some security policy compliance testing. Our administrative tasks then turn to asset management and keeping track of all of those systems throughout the network. Another great technique of Nmap is the ability to audit firewall configurations. Can Nmap make it through your barriers? We’ll find out! And finally, we’ll learn the secrets behind keeping your network safe every day of the year with perpetual network auditing techniques

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    رد: من أقوى وأجمل كورسات الفيديو فى مجال السكيوريتى Professor Messer’s Nmap Secrets

    جزاك الله خير اخي الكريم واتمنى اجد ملف تورنت لكل موديل لها لاني محتاجها ضروري

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    رد: من أقوى وأجمل كورسات الفيديو فى مجال السكيوريتى Professor Messer’s Nmap Secrets

    thanks its really a precious course
    وأقول للأعضاء لا تخافوا أن يتم حذفه لأنه موجود على التورنت و أنا حملته منه منذ سنتين

    شكر خاص لصاحب الموضوع

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    May 2008
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    رد: من أقوى وأجمل كورسات الفيديو فى مجال السكيوريتى Professor Messer’s Nmap Secrets

    شكرا لك
    اللهم اغفر لي ولوالدي ولوالدتي ولجميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات والمسلمين والمسلمات الاحياء منهم والاموات ولمن له حق علي ومن اوصاني بالدعاء

    اللهم اغفر لابي وأرحمه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله

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