Microsoft End User Security Training Video

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These CBT Nuggets End-User Security training videos are an easy way to train end-users on security practices they can apply right away. Video lessons hold students' attention and make learning easy.

The videos allow students to train at your company's convenience, not when an outside trainer or busy IT security staff member is available. Lessons can even be rewatched as needed, to refresh a student's knowledge at no additional cost to the company. And James Conrad, our expert instructor, has a style that is fun, interesting, and easy to learn from, while still giving complete instruction.
IT pros may come with basic security competency, but end-users often don't. Each of these security topics is covered in detail in these short, topic-focused videos. Employees can watch each video as necessary to develop and maintain a baseline of computer security awareness and skills.

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Any employee who works on or around computers can benefit from this training. To get the most from it, knowledge of basic computer use such as 1 year experience using computers or watching How Do I Use This STINKING Thing?! is recommended.

On The Job Training Series: End-User Security contains these videos:

- Brief Intro (free video!)

- Viruses

- Worms and Trojans

- Adware and Spyware

- Combatting Viruses, Adware/Spyware

- Email Part 1 - Threats and Prevention

- Email Part 2 - Scams and Inappropriate Uses

- Phishing Examples

- Phishing Symptoms and Response

- Wireless Overview and Vulnerabilies

- Wireless Security

- Sharing: Workgroups

- Sharing: Domains

- Physical Security: Protecting laptops, handhelds, thumbdrives (free video!)

- Social Engineering

- Good Password Choices

- Firewall