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Exchange Server 2010 Ignite Workshop (Advanced Exchange Server 2010) (40 Hours)(2000 EGP)
This Microsoft Exchange 2010 Ignite Workshop covers a breadth number of subjects in Exchange Server 2010. The workshop provides hands on labs on the following subjects: architecture, install, tools, migration, security, transport, Unified Messaging, archiving, storage and high availability.Microsoft Exchange integration with Microsoft Online Services will also be covered.
Module 01: OverviewModule 02: Setup, Deployment, and Server Role ConfigurationModule 03: Upgrade and CoexistenceModule 04: Planning, Sizing and PerformanceModule 05: Client Access ServerModule 06: End User IW ExperienceModule 07: FederationModule 08: Transport and RoutingModule 09: Information Leakage Protection and Control (IPC)Module 10: Compliance - Archiving and RetentionModule 11: Unified MessagingModule 12: StorageModule 13: High AvailabilityModule 14: Management Tools and RBACModule 15: Exchange Online Overviewif any one want to know more info please contact Youssef Victor MCT Unified communications specialist Mobile: