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Version 4.3

Changelog 4.3
- Fixed bb1 connection to sw2 in ipx's pod
- Using newer update linux boot image (eg kernel 3.x)

Changelog v4.2
- Changed some text to better reflect the content of the live cd.
- Made a reference to
- ine's podHardcoded the switch links to dot1q trunks.

Modified the l3 etherchannel between sw2 and sw4 to be l3 ports.

Fixed two bugs in the INE's netmap file.

Fixed a bug in the INE's diagram.

Made all switches in vtp mode transparent so that the VLANs don't have to be pasted in.

Added (again) a submenu entry to load the pod with a blank configurationas such that VOL II and VOLIII configs can be pasted in.

Changed the allowed VLANs list on the trunk port to R6 e0/0
Supported CCIE RnS workbooksNarbik Advanced Workbook 2.0/4.0


Cisco 360

IPexpert VOLI, VOLII and VOLIII - using the netmap on brokennetwork

Tips:Configure the switches loop free (this has already been done for you in the init files)

Get Cisco's official RnS lab blueprint version 4.0, there are 10 main topics with each having several subtopics.

The subtopics you can't practice with this setup are: 1.10, 1.40, 1.50, 8.20 and etherchannel.

With "q" or "Q" (without the quotes) you can exit the menu and be on the console.

To logon to the pod telnet to its ip address and use user: remote with password: iou

You can use a usb stick as your working dir and have it all portable:
>sudo -s (become the superuser)

#mkdir /mnt/usbdisk (repeat this each time the vm reboots)

#fdisk -l (you need to know the devicename of your usb stick)

#mount -t vfat /dev/devicename /mnt/usbdisk (repeat this each time the vm reboots)

#cp -pr /home/tc/* /mnt/usbdisk (this step only has to be done once!)

start the pod from /mnt/usbdisk (#cd /mnt/usbdisk and do #./menu)
With this live cd you have a tool to practice more than 95% of the topics on the Cisco's official lab blueprint for the Routing and Switching Lab exam version 4.0. The remaining 5% can be practiced by doing rack rentals for instance.

Link to download