The Horror Charnel is down but not dead!

The THC server has moved across the country to another data centre. Unfortunately during the move the hard drive was damaged.
We are working hard to retrieve data from the disk, and we will be using backups to fill in the gaps.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Feel free to drop by our IRC channel for updates, info, or just to hang out with other THCers and shoot the shit.

التراكر واقع لان فى مشكله فى السيرفر فاهما هينقلو الى سيرفر جديد
بيعتذر عن أي إزعاج قد يتسبب هذا لك.
وممكن تعرف التفاصيل من على IRC بتاع التراكر..