Introducing Cisco Certification Practice Exams… official exam preparation tools available to evaluate your readiness to take the ICND1, ICND2 or CCNA certification exams.
Each Cisco Certification Practice Exam is designed to mimic the experience of taking the real certification exam in a Pearson VUE testing center.
Cisco Certification Practice Exams include these features:

Realistic experience: The number of questions, topics covered, and time-limit of a Cisco Certification Practice Exam will give you first-hand experience with the exam format to help you determine if you’re ready for the real exam.
Unlimited re-takes: You can take the Cisco Certification Practice Exam as often as you wish.
Large question pool: Each exam comes with a pool of hundreds of questions—you can retake your practice exam at least twice before you begin to see questions repeated.
Study aids: Feedback provided after each Cisco Certification Practice Exam will tell you which practice questions you missed and why, as well as provide learning recommendations to help you focus on knowledge gaps.
Three Practice Exam Options:

When you register for an ICND1, ICND2 or CCNA composite certification exams, choose from three bundled options that include a Cisco Certification Exam and the corresponding Cisco Certification Practice Exam to help you pass it!
1) Official ICND1 Prep + Test Bundle

(includes 640-822 exam and official practice test)
An affordable option if you are only studying for the CCENT certification
200 questions
Bundle INCLUDES the ICND1 certification exam
2) Official ICND2 Prep + Test Bundle

(includes 640-816 exam and official practice test)
THE PERFECT ADD-ON OPTION for those who already have CCENT certification and are now interested in taking the ICND2 exam to earn the CCNA certification
200 questions
Bundle INCLUDES the ICND2 certification examM
3) Official CCNA Prep + Test Bundle

(includes 640-802 certification exam and official CCNA practice exam)
400 questions (includes all questions available in the ICND1 and ICND2 practice exams above)
Bundle INCLUDES the CCNA composite certification exam

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