As you may know, uTorrent 3.1 has issues that can cause troubles for the user. While GFT is ratiofree and the result of this problem with the version does not affect our users that bad we recommend not using it for the time being. It can end up on the banlist, that remains to be seen. If it does, the only thing that happens is that you can't use it. Site won't punish you for trying.

The bug mainly give you bad ratio as it can get stuck downloading the same faulty piece of a torrent over and over and over again.

Older versions can be found here. v2.2.1 is highly recommended.

هههههه كل التراكرات معلنة الحرب على كلينت اليو تورنت 3.1 لأن فيه ثغرات كبيرة الجفت عمله بان وبينصح بإستعمال كلينت 2.2.1