We are proud to announce that a couple of members on the site have purchased 3 months of service from a leading seedbox provider with 1TB of storage and a 1 Gbps upload connection. The box will be put to good use for the site...

Not only are TBH encodes freeleech and 2x upload credit BUT they are all being hosted on the box! Currently 450+ are currently seeding from there and the other 30 will be soon enough!

Also note, that this money was paid out of pocket and will not be associated to any server bill or added to it. Any donations you choose to make will continue to simply pay server bill and help the site itself.

Enjoy this new perk and speeds associated with it! All future TBH releases will be hosted there as well

التراكر فخور بأن اثنين من الأعضاء قاموا بشراء سيد بوكس للمدة ثلاث أشهر وحجمه واحد تيرا يعني أغلب الملفات هتبقى مدعمة بسيد بوكس وتقريبا بيقولوا إنهم هيعملوا فري ليتش ودبل أبلود وبيطلبوا التبرع عشان مصاريف السيرفر