MCPD: Web Developer 4 Visual Studio 2010

Who should Attend?

Perquisite courses: Programing & Database , Microsoft SQL Server ;
Course Tracks
Perquisite 10266 Programming with C#
TS: Web Applications Development with MS .NET Framework 4
Exam # 70-515 10264A Developing Web Applications
10267A Introduction to Web Development
TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development
Exam # 70-513 10263A Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions
TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
70-516 10265A Developing Data Access Solutions
70-519 Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications
Course Duration 184 Hours
Programming with C# using Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Lesson 1: Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
Lesson 2: Using C# Programming Constructs
Lesson 3: Declaring and Calling Methods
Lesson 4: Handling Exceptions
Lesson 5: Reading and Writing Files
Lesson 6: Creating New Types
Lesson 7: Encapsulating Data and Methods
Lesson 8: Inheriting From Classes and Implementing Interfaces
Lesson 9: Managing the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Resources
Lesson 10: Encapsulating Data and Defining Overloaded Operators
Lesson 11: Decoupling Methods and Handling Events
Lesson 12: Using Collections and Building Generic Types
Lesson 13: Building and Enumerating Custom Collection Classes
Lesson 14: Using LINQ to Query Data
Lesson 15: Integrating Visual C# Code with Dynamic Languages and COM Components
Course 10264A: Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Course Outline
Module 1: Overview of Web Application Design
Module 2: Designing a Web Application
Module 3: Developing MVC Models
Module 4: Developing MVC Controllers
Module 5: Developing MVC Views
Module 6: Designing for
Module 7: Writing Server-Side Code for Web Forms
Module 8: Optimizing Data Management for Web Forms
Module 9: Ensuring Quality by Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring
Module 10: Securing a Web Application
Module 11: Applying Master Pages and CSS
Module 12: Developing Client Side Scripts and Services
Module 13: Implementing Advanced AJAX in a Web Application
Module 14: Deploying a Web Application
Module 15: Developing a Web Application by Using Silverlight
Course 10267A: Introduction to Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Course Outline
Module 1: Exploring Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Module 2: Creating Web Applications by Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET–Based Languages
Module 3: Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form
Module 4: Adding Functionality to a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form
Module 5: Implementing Master Pages and User Controls
Module 6: Validating User Input
Module 7: Troubleshooting Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications
Module 8: Managing Data in an Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 Web Application
Module 9: Managing Data Access Tasks by Using LINQ
Module 10: Managing Data by Using Microsoft ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Module 11: Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax-enabled Web Forms Application
Module 12: Consuming Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
Module 13: Managing State in Web Applications
Module 14: Configuring and Deploying a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application
Module 15: Securing a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application
Module 16: Implementing Advanced Technologies Supported by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for Web Development
Course 10263A: Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Course Outline
Module 1: Service-Oriented Architecture
Module 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Development
Module 3: Hosting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
Module 4: Defining and Implementing Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Contracts
Module 5: Endpoints and Behaviors
Module 6: Testing and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
Module 7: Security
Module 8: Introduction to Advanced Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Topics
Course 10265A: Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Course Outline
Module 1: Architecture and Data Access Technologies
Module 2: Building Entity Data Models
Module 3: Querying Entity Data
Module 4: Creating, Updating, and Deleting Entity Data
Module 5: Handling Multi-User Scenarios by Using Object Services
Module 6: Building Optimized Solutions by Using Object Services
Module 7: Customizing Entities and Building Custom Entity Classes
Module 8: Using POCO Classes with the Entity Framework
Module 9: Building an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
Module 10: Handling Updates in an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
Module 11: Building Occasionally Connected Solutions
Module 12: Querying Data by Using WCF Data Services
Module 13: Updating Data by Using WCF Data Services
Module 14: Using ADO.NET
Module 15: Using LINQ to SQL
Course Information:
Duration :186 Hours
Schedule : 3 Days Per Week , 4 Hours per session
Location : Dokki Branch , Nasr City Branch
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Price per trainee 3200 L.E , Special Discount for college students course fees only 1900 L.E
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