Wants to see the slowest piece of hardware

Powercolor has kicked off a new worldwide Pimp My Rig competition in search for the slowest rig on the planet Earth.
The competition will have two rounds where users will have to join one community and prove from September 3rd to September 16th that they have the slowest system while the second round will get all the finalists in a head to head competition. The communities include Techpowerup, Hadwareluxx, Hardwareheaven and Chiphell so you will need to choose one of those if you want to be a part of the competition.As noted earlier, the competition is looking for the slowest piece of hardware or to be precise the lowest score in Futuremark's 3DMark 2003 benchmark. There are some rules for the benchmark and you can check them outhere. The second round will be done with a different benchmark that will be announced at a later date.The first round prizes include AsRock's 990FX Extreme 3 motherboard, AMD FX-8150 CPU, Cooler Master's HAF XM case, QuickFire Rapid keyboard and Sentinel Adv. II mouse. The final winner will be the one with the lowest combined score and will get Powercolor's HD 7990 Devil13 dual-GPU graphics card.You can check out all other details here.