Train Signal MegaLab 26 - Cisco CCNP

Train Signal MegaLab 26 - Cisco CCNP (CIT) Video Training
Internet Troubleshooting Support Cisco CCNP (CIT)


- Learn Internet Troubleshooting Support In-Depth by watching actual Cisco Routers and Switches configured on a Live Network!
- 14+ Hours of Hi-Quality Cisco CBT Video Training on 2 CDs! All Instructor-Led!
- 70+ pg PDF Lab Book on CD will Walk You Through Building Your Own Network!
- Taught by a CCIE Expert with Real-World Experience!
- Teaches Critical "Hands-On" Skills AND Covers all of the Concepts on the CCNP - BSCI Exam
- Proven Training Method Guarantees Results or Your Money Back!
- As Powerful as Classroom Training at Just a Fraction of the Cost!

LAB 26 will Help You Master Troubleshooting Networks with Hands-On Drills & Step-by-Step Lessons...
Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain!
- Learn the details of Troubleshooting Cisco Networks Reinforce your knowledge in Troubleshooting and Support
- Master Advanced Cisco Internet Troubleshooting Techniques & Technologies that are crucial for the Cisco CCNP (CIT) Exam!
- Learn the In's and Out's of ARP and Proxy ARP Truly Understand Static & Dynamic Mappings
- Setup & Troubleshoot LMI Autosense
- Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot PPP Callback & Multilink
- Learn Troubleshooting 101: Where to Start
- Learn How to Troubleshoot Dialer Watch
- Know How to Debug Layer 2 and Layer 3 with ISDN
- Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot Common VLAN and VTP Setup Errors
- Master the art of Troubleshooting Serial Interfaces
- Know How to Properly Document; Topology Diagrams, Network Configuration Tables, Troubleshooting Models and more....
- Configure and Troubleshoot RIP, IGRP, and EIGRP
- Learn to Troubleshoot OSPF and ISIS like a seasoned professional
- Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot IPSEC and Access Lists
- Learn about Debugging TCP and IP Helper Addressing
- Master the Different Connection Testing Methods including Ping, Traceroute, and Telnet
- Become a BGP Troubleshooting Specialist!
- This is just the beginning! By the time you are finished, you will have the understanding & "know-how" to setup, manage and troubleshoot Networks with the Best!
- Learn Cisco from a CCIE Expert Instructor...with Real World Experience!
- I have also included the dvdcase cover for those who like that.
You can find it in the sub folder called dvdcovers. A preview of it is available here:


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