Microsoft Improves Exchange Server for 2007 -- The Learning Curve is Big, and The Benefits Are Too
Microsoft doesn't even allow an upgrade to Exchange Server 2007 from previous versions. Your only option is migrating your data to a fresh installation of Exchange 2007. There are many reasons for this including the change from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture -- but the big takeaway is that Exchange 2007 is different.
Many of the differences you'll see are improvements and enhancements from previous versions of Exchange. They're all well worth it -- but they create a learning curve. This training will get you up and running with Exchange Server 2007 quickly, minimizing headaches and maximizing your chance for success.
You'll learn all about how to deploy and configure Exchange 2007 to host a business email and collaboration solution. And at the same time, you'll be discovering what you'll need to know when you take on the Technology Specialist 70-236 exam on Configuring Exchange Server 2007.

Exam-Pack 70-236: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring contains:

- Series Intro
- Introduction to Exchange 2007
- Preparing and Installing Exchange 2007
- Managing Storage Groups and Databases
- Configure Public Folders
- Managing Recipient Objects: Mailboxes
- Managing More Recipient Objects
- E-mail Policies, Accepted Domains and Address Lists
- Configuring Your Client Access Server
- Outlook Anywhere and POP/IMAP Configuration
- Configuring Disaster Recovery
- Configure High Availability
- Understanding Message Transport
- Troubleshoot Message Transport
- Configuring Your Edge Transport Role
- Finalizing Edge Transport
- Configuring Anti-Spam
- Analyze and Monitor Exchange 2007
- A Look At Unified Messaging
- Troubleshooting Your Exchange Environment
- Using PowerShell
- Skills Measured by Exam 70-236

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