Kiwi CatTools Enterprise v3.3.4 | 11.7 Mb

Kiwi CatTools automates configuration backups and management on routers, switches and firewalls. It provides e-mail notification and compare reports highlighting config changes. Supports Telnet, SSH, TFTP and SNMP. What is Kiwi CatTools? CatTools is a software application used by network administrators to automate many of the tasks they perform on a daily basis.

Why do I need it?
CatTools is designed by network engineers, for network engineers. We understand the tasks you need to perform and how you work. CatTools is here to make your life easier. It does this by scheduling batch jobs,automating changes, and reporting on the things that matter to you as a network administrator.

How does it work?
At the heart of CatTools is a batch processing machine. Once you have setup your network devices (routers, switches and firewalls) you then tell CatTools to perform any one of the many predefined Activities against those devices.

How can it help me?
Some of the many tasks CatTools can perform to make your life easier include :
>> Device configuration backups. Scheduled or Run Now. Any differences can be instantly e-mailed to you.
>> Send CLI commands via Telnet or SSH to many devices at once.
>> Change device configuration at scheduled times.
>> Change all of your network device passwords in one go.
>> Generate various reports such as Port, MAC, ARP and Version.
>> Compare the startup and running configuration of a device.

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