Network Security :JumpStart

Sybex | ISBN 078214120X | 2002-08-15 | 352 Pages | PDF | 1.6 MB

Whether you're setting out to earn a security certification or just want to know more about the security issues faced by all network administrators, Network Security JumpStart is the place to begin. Inside, a networking expert demystifies every aspect of the growing security imperative, giving you a firm footing from which you can realize your goals and develop a better understanding of computer and network security. Coverage Includes:

* Understanding security principles
* Understanding hacking
* Using encryption and authentication
* Managing security
* Securing Internet connections
* Using Virtual Private Networks
* Securing remote and home users
* Implementing virus protection
* Creating fault tolerance
* Securing Windows servers
* Securing UNIX servers
* Securing public web servers
* Securing public e-mail servers
* Detecting intrusion