the problem began by my LAN card -which is built in- stop working and i lost my connection to internet so i bought a new LAN card and i installed it on one of my PCI slots ,so i began to have the net back after 1 week while i was surfing my computer give me this blue screen and reset when i reloged i found that my new LAN card is not defined by the windows ,and when i try to reinstall it the windows refused the windows identified the LAN card as "PCI DEVICE" before it was identified as "Ethernet device" i tried everything but nothing changed so i tried other cards in different pci slots and all are called "pci device" and did not want to be identified , after 2 weeks one of my friends came and press a button in my motherboard to reset the BIOS and everything went just fine i had the built in lan working and i could install the other lan card again ,that only last for 4 hours then the lan card in the pci slot go nuts again and refuse to be identified again i tried to re-identify iy but no use so i closed my computer and removed it and when i reopen my pc it start to make that whistle that repeated every time i open the pc and the pc never open just the damn whistle again and again, i removed the rams and the vga and reinstalled them in the motherboard and still having the whistle, then i removed a wire coming from the power supply to the motherboard not the big one but a small one between the processor and the powersupply the whistle stop but the pc also refused to open. wat shall ido???

Sorry for writing in english i will try to rewrite it in arabic when i go back home this keyboard does not support arabic