Sep 2021

Valorant Takeover in Egypt

Riot Games announced the launch of a new experience, the first of its kind in Egypt, where the tactical shooter game VALORANT will tour the Egyptian capital as part of the VALORANT Takeover event.

Valorant Takeover in Egypt


Riot Games


Sep 2021


1 Month


City Center Almaza Mall


Social Media Reach




Event Summary

1.Public Buses branding : 14 Public Buses fully branded using the VALORANT theme. These buses were roaming key areas across Cairo. Gamers were encouraged to spot those buses and participate in the hashtag campaign in order to unlock unique prizes. 2.Double Decker Gaming Station: Valorant Bus Gaming Station made its way through Cairo streets in its most vibrant areas. The Double decker Bus offered an opportunity unlike no other to play Valorant and engage with other gamers with much more surprises in store. The bus passed by multiple stations that Arabhardware has shared across its social media channels to keep the Audience informed with the bus’s stations. 3. The Minister of Youth and Sports Visit : The Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, inaugurated the VALORANT bus in the new capital, confirming the ministry's full support for the gaming industry and esports in Egypt. The Minister also praised the efforts made by Arabhardware and Riot Games for achieving Egypt’s vision of being a key regional player in the growth of gaming and esports through the “VALORANT Takeover” series of events. 4.Mall Activation and ACE EP02: For the first time, the gamers got the chance to experience Valorant on-ground in City Center Almaza Mall for five days, and they got the meet their beloved Valorant Agents’ cosplayers and save their unique memories about the game. Beside that, the Valorant Community gathered together to witness the first ever Valorant Offline Tournament [ACE EP02] and watch the elite Egyptian Valorant teams compete against each other for 50,000 EGP Prize Pool. Beside competing with each other, the pro teams met their fans for the first time and took many photos with them and got to know them better.

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