In this Cisco Authorized course, you will acquire the skills necessary to design and implement Cisco Security technology on your network. Learn to install, configure, and manage Cisco network security products including the PIX Firewall™ and CiscoSecure™.

Twelve hands-on labs show you how to evaluate and configure Cisco security products live on the classroom network. Use the latest hardware and software offerings available from Cisco to provide security within your network. Use traffic generation technology to test your network security policy.

You Will Learn...

To Install and Configure the PIX Firewall Using Cisco’s PIX Manager
How to Configure the Network Access Server for AAA Security
Cisco Router IPSec Encryption Configuration
New Methods to Secure Your Network Infrastructure
To Secure Network Access with CiscoSecure
Access List Packet Filter Design Rules and Syntax
Cisco Secure Integrated Software
How to Monitor Your Routers and PIX Using Syslog Analyzer